Demand Sensing

At bynaries, we understand that it is important not only to analyze the variations in recent sales data but also to effectively respond and keep updating the forecasts. A reliable sensing algorithm should be conscious enough to sense the genuine need for forecast adjustments and ignore the randomness.

Most of the demand sensing concepts and engines either overreact or do not react at all but our advanced demand sensing solution will make sure that your forecast is always in sync with the recent developments in the business as it looks at both past and future events to obtains both data and information aspects before doing its wonder.

  • Data and information based demand sensing.
  • Scenario based forecast tuning.
  • Designed for both retail and Manufacturing units
  • Industry specific customized sensing capability.
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Promotion Analytics

Promotions play several roles in business, it acts as a profit driver, sometimes it drives volume, and at times it is done for branding only. A generalized concept or methodology has never been sufficient for promotion analysis and effective promo management.

At bynaries, we understand the importance of promotion in your business and we have developed an integrated planning suite based on robust machine learning algorithms. We can help you find the right product mix for a particular promotion depending on its purpose.

Our integrated pricing, discount, marketing strategy, and trade dollar allocation system will make sure that you are always on top of your game.

  • Product mix recommendation for a particular period based on the historical data.
  • Price point calculation to reflect profit percentage and tracking he same against the objective of the promotion (branding Vs profitability Vs market penetration etc.)
  • Mid promotion recommendation to better utilize the trade dollars.
  • Collaborative platform for apt decision making for quicker preventive action.
  • Optimal price point for mark down and last minute promotion execution.
  • Post promo analysis with recommendations to reflect product mix with correct price strategy for the same promotion with recommendations for any future promotions.
  • Impact analysis of advertisement activities like TRP or viewership calculation.
  • Recommendations to choose the right Promotion mix.

Scenario Planning

Scenarios or situations are potential outcomes of business decisions. Even the simplest decision at one end of the supply chain can have a huge ripple effect at multiple echelons. Our scenario planning tool is a customizable and adaptable solution that is meant to solve various what-if scenarios and related anomalies applicable to your business.

Our expert team with vast SCM capabilities has designed the scenario planning suite to address the most common sought-out scenarios around perishability, complexity, multi-layered supply chain systems.

Meticulous constrained supply planning is vital to address ever-evolving supply chain challenges. We have designed a flexible yet smart scenario planning tool that leverages the concepts of artificial intelligence to make the most suitable decisions based on the experiences from past data.

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Inventory Management and Optimization

bynaries's Inventory management and Optimization suite are designed to ensure that several supply constraints like Perishability, Load Optimization with multi-pick and drop distribution systems are considered in the plan generation.

Multi echelon networks need special treatment as conventional heuristic and mixed-integer linear programming do not yield optimum results. This is the primary reason our advanced concepts and methodology have been designed to address complex multi-dimensional anomalies to make supply chains more resilient and proactive.

  • Adaptive Inventory control policy.
  • Multi layered optimization to ensure that we have right amount of inventory at the each echelon.
  • Ability to avoid post plan transfers and adjustments to reduce firefighting and thus the expediting cost.
  • Policy based Optimization of inventory to provide space to the businesses to plan better.

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and algorithm learning

Successful Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence solutions need data engineering, algorithm development, and deployment at scale, and periodic maintenance of multiple models across functions in an organization. Our expert Data Scientists and Engineers can help build innovative solutions that can convert complex business models into practical automatic decision-making systems. Our solutions are designed to automate and optimize frequent and repetitive activities to help businesses implement operationally efficient and cost-effective processes that lead to exponential value addition and unique competitive advantage.

Develop Machine Learning Strategy

Automation of Machine Learning at scale is the key to developing any intelligent system. Using proven tools and frameworks, our experts can define the roadmap for machine learning adoption across your organization.

Problem Definition and Requirements Gathering

In machine learning, defining the problem well determines how well you want to solve the problem. Our team can help you not just define the problem but also make crucial choices related to technologies, data sources, and the skills set of people who will be working on your product.

System Design & Implementation

Our data experts can help you design and build pipelines that can ingest data from a variety of internal and external sources, transform and migrate data into a highly usable state. Our scalable and distributed systems can generate high-quality and accurate data that can be used to train working machine learning models.

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Change Management

Most real-world problems are multifaceted and require a combination of skills. Empowering a cross-functional team with the right set of training tools, processes, and infrastructure to make the project successful. Our experts can train your internal teams to ensure the new machine learning tools and processes integrate seamlessly into your existing ways of working.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Data changes over time and so does the data model. It is crucial to monitor the performance of machine learning models in the real world and automatically re-train to ensure the model is always valid. Our monitoring and maintainability system can effectively manage the changes in your data to ensure the model performs optimally.

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DEX – Decentralized Exchange

bynaries has experience in building a cloud based digital decentralized exchange for the upcoming crypto currency brand which was unique and has the ability to recommend real time crypto coins for better profitability of the end user.

A complete solution for our client to make sure that user gets the correct predictions about a coin with the ease of operation so they can perform a transaction with note more than couple of clicks.

Robustness of the exchange can be assessed by the capability and technology that was used for building the complete system.

  • Block chain was the base of the exchange to ensure that transactions and safe and secured.
  • Block chain was the base of the exchange to ensure that transactions and safe and secured.
  • Unique and robust Machine learning algorithms were deployed to make sure that predictions were as close to accuracy as possible
  • Real time update and predictions to make sure that user gets alerts each second.
  • Ease to use Mobile app for the end user to do the transaction on minimal clicks.

Sustainable Supply chain.

Credence attributes will be a mandate sooner or later where the manufacturer’s will have to provide complete visibility of the carbon in take during their production or procurement process.

Laws and regulations around sustainable manufacturing system is evolving and driving a paradigm shift in the entire manufacturing process.

Organizations will need a system to reflect the quality and standard across the manufacturing process from sourcing of raw materials till the delivery of finished goods.

And that is where our Advanced Algorithms with integrated IOT solutions can help you track and trace your carbon footprint or and do the needful to ensure your organization does better than the industry standards to stay ahead in the game.

Key features
  • Appeal to global community and helping us all.
  • Stay ahead of regulatory norms and requirements.
  • Build reputation and trust amongst customers and business partners
  • Pride and motivation for employees and complete Organization.
  • Create a competitive advantage in the respective market.

Wan to reduce your carbon footprint please call @ or mail us @

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