Supply Chain Management

PowerBynaries -Iplexr advanced AI/ML driven supply chain planning module to ensure that organizations develop a Sustainable and Resilient supply chain system.

Iplexr Collaborative Supply Chain Module makes Inter and Intra function and department planning very easy and dynamic. CPFR is the key concept behind our approach to ensure that organizations can leverage both Advanced concepts and fundamental processes and systems of Supply chain.

Iplexr – I Supply

I supply is a constantly evolving unique concept to solve problems that modern businesses face in their everyday operations. To think out of the box during disruptions, businesses need more than an algorithm to generate the accurate distribution and production plan to make sure that their supply plan processes are well balanced between service level and obsolescence.

Our solution can handle what-if scenarios that would help businesses reduce the chances of a break-in supply and ensure optimal inventory availability at each echelon. Integration among all our applications ensures that the supply plan is in complete sync with the demand, promotion, and S&OP plans. This makes the entire process dynamic and robust as adaptive supply planning is the key, to efficient execution and plan realization.

  • Intelligent planning algorithms to generate optimal unconstraint plan.
  • Configurable constraint planning module to solve challenges specific to industry
  • Ability to incorporate perishability and other lead time constraints
  • Ability to plan for multi echelon delivery and distribution.
  • Ease to ingrate system to ensure smooth deployment.
Iplexr – Auto Demand Planning & Sensing.

PowerBynaries specializes in predictive Analytics, which reflects in our innovative products and custom solutions. Sensible demand planning is one of the key capabilities of PowerBynaries. Our novel analytical approach towards Forecasting, Sensing, and Shaping makes it a sophisticated and robust solution that predicts real-time demand without being over or under-reactive.

  • Decomposition of both History and Forecast Drivers.
  • One view of Demand.
  • Tested blend of Traditional and ML/DL & AL Models.
  • Data and insight-based Demand Sensing.
  • Industry based forecasting approach.
New Product Planning.

Iplexr is smart enough to generate Pre and Post launch forecasting for new products. Based on historical launches and their performance algorithm and insights from Promotion strategy, Trade dollar allocation, macroeconomic indicators, competitor’s market activity & Product specification etc. model can generate the initial estimate which gets tuned with the reported history post launch.

  • Traditional and ML concept for NPIs.
  • Post launch recommendations and tuning.
  • Pre-launch estimates to better plan the inventory around launch.
  • ML based auto profile shaping.
PSOP – Iplexr Sales and Operations Planning

Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is one of the most important collaborative functions which helps businesses to synchronize multiple views of demand and derive an agreed-upon forecast. S&OP has also been rapidly evolving especially during tough economic times like pandemic outbursts. Businesses need to work closely with each other than ever before to better optimize the resources and manage disruptions effectively.

Our S&OP capability is designed to keep up with the continuous data feeds from across the supply chain and evolving operations scenarios on the ground. It has intelligent scenario simulation capabilities that can help businesses to turn operational insights into business decisions to mitigate risks and optimize revenue.

  • Integrated Planning Applications.
  • Everybody owns Planning concept
  • Cross functional Collaborative platform
  • Realtime Emails and Notifications
  • Better use of Planning efforts.
PPM -Iplexr Promotion management

Strategy based promotions are need of the hour and that is what our promotion planning application is capable of. Our advanced machine learning concepts can be applied to identify the precise impact of each promotional strategy on the overall sales. It is also helpful in post-promotional analysis which helps the businesses optimize trade dollar allocation for planning their future promotions.

  • Efficient Promotion management.
  • Launch to Core and Limited Period promo planning
  • Pre, Post and In Promotion adjustments and Auto tuning.
  • Post promotion recommendations and feedback.
Reporting and Analytics.

Iplexr operates beyond Real time Data and Insight based Dashboard. A tool to enhance decision making around both planning and strategy. Our easy to build & deploy reporting solution with dynamic data transformation and real-time dashboards can helps you build cost effective data analytics infrastructure.

  • Connectors to handle huge Data.
  • Easy to configure and use.
  • Automated workflow scheduling and Reporting
  • UI and API support for both On Premises and Cloud.
  • Customized reporting solution.

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